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Nobody Hurt No One

Англисты есть тут?

Вот наткнулся тут на пост одного американского товарища в другом блог-сервисе и вспомнил, что меня этот вопрос тоже немало волновал, особенно после того, как _arlekin_ попросил перевести название песни, о которой идет речь :)

Nobody Hurt No English?

Russia has just selected its entry for this year's Eurovision. The song is fairly decent rock number performed by Natalya (or Natalia) Podolskaya.

It's no "Ne Ver' Ne Boisya" and by all means I'd be happy to see it do well in Kiev (or Kyiv). There's only just one problem...the title is "Nobody Hurt No-One."

I'm not by any stretch of the imagination a grammar fascist, but that is some horrific abuse of the English language. The only ways that it could be grammatically correct (based on my rusty memories of middle and high school English classes) would be if it phrased like this:

Nobody, hurt no-one. (Command to someone called "Nobody.")
Nobody hurt...No-one. (Relaying the information that nobody was hurt, and emphasizing it with the "no-one.")
Nobody hurt No-One (Suggesting: a) A being called "No-One" was not hurt; b) A being entitled "No-One" was hurt by a being called "Nobody."

This is perhaps one of the best arguments this year for being back the national language rule. (The Russian National Final had some absolutely great Russian-language songs in it.)

Were the writers (who I think are Russian with anglophone pseudonyms) in such a hurry to send this in that they forgot to add a "s" to "hurt?" The mind boggles.


Вот и у меня тоже возникали сомнения по поводу правильности этой фразы... Но может кто-то более сведущий скажет?

P.S. И исключительно из мести evkaЕвке за флуд у меня в ЖЖ ;)) -

P.P.S. Да, я знаю, как пишется это слово! ;)

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