Солнце русского ЖЖ (fomenko) wrote,
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"Rasputina's music makes me warm inside, like I'm in love, wheter it's sad or ironic..."

"I havent heard much of Rasputina's music but what little I have heard has been really good..."

"I love Rasputina. <...> The music is incredible, alternating between tragically beautiful songs to ironic melodies..."

"Rasputina's music gives the listeners a chill. A sort of spiritual connection...."

"oh yeah...if anyone out there likes marilyn manson AND rasputina...i found a mp3 of both of them singing *the apple of sodom* just thought youd like to know! :)"

Что это у вас с лицами? А, удивлены? Хотите разгадку? :) Так все просто. Маша Распутина не так давно вышла на американский рынок. Оказывается, есть такая американская группа Rasputina ;)

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