Солнце русского ЖЖ (fomenko) wrote,
Солнце русского ЖЖ

Удивительное рядом

Brazzavile записали англоязычный кавер на "Звезду по имени Солнце".

Радиорип (4,9 мб)

"We recorded a version of a song called Star Called Sun. It was written by Viktor Tsoi from the band Kino. I used his chords and melodies and wrote my own lyrics. Although his lyrics were beautiful, I felt that they would lose a lot in the translation when trying to fit them to the music so I wrote a song about my mother’s death while preserving the theme of stars and the the sun. The refrain of my version is "There’s one million stars, for every little grain of sand down there". That was a concept that had been obsessing me ever since I heard about it on the BBC. I was happy that I was finally able to work it into a song".

Альтернативные ссылки:

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