August 7th, 2004


Хорошее настроение

Чудный совершенно диалог в мультике "Brother Bear". Говорят два придурковатых брата-лося (конечно, это лучше слышать):

- Trample off. You'll never change. Being a brother means nothing to you.
- Of course it does, eh.
- Oh, yeah? Like what?
- What about the time your hooves froze in the pond? Who sat with you all winter, eh?
- You did.
- And who showed you where the good grazing is? I mean the really tender stuff, all covered in dew? Now, why do you think I did that, eh? Because I... Because I love... dew.
- Exsuce me? I don't believe I heard what you said.
- (вздыхает) I said I love... dew.
- I love dew too, eh...

Интересно, как это звучит в официальном переводе?

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